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Anyone had much experience with that product? Would you recommend it over Hydroton? I know that kellen weissenbach  has experience with it but I'm not able to message him directly.

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Hydroton is a brand name for an expanded clay product. I've never seen Hydroton and am under the impression it's no longer available. You can find many different brands of expanded clay at hydroponic stores just pick the type that you prefer. There are round (different sizes) and not round expanded clay. I prefer the round but some people like the un-round type because it doesn't roll around.

Yeah i had heard that as well but i've since learned that the company is back in business under new ownership. My concern is that some of the cheap expanded clay products start to break down, especially in colder climates.

I haven't experienced that and I left one of my grow beds out in freezing temps for about a week last year. I've used 3 different brands of expanded clay.

Hello Todd,

Yes, I use AquaRox, and I've been very pleased with the product.  The aquarox media in my outdoor systems have gone through 3 winters outside now, and held up great (no cracking or breakdown at all).  It was much cheaper than hydroton, and in my experience it is far better at anchoring plant roots than hydroton and other round/smooth media.  You can find more info here:

Thanks for the info. Have to think it over. expensive shipping but i can get hydroton locally so its about a wash money wise.

Small Lava rocks (basalt) ,though jagged, is usually cheap and works well.


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