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Hello Everyone, 

 I was wondering where everyone purchased their supplies. I am in Corando, Panama. I have a friend that is interested in setting up a system and since I will be here for two months before I travel to Ecuador in August, I told her I would help her set up a system as long as we could find everything we need. I am going to Ecuador  to volunteer and set up systems over there, and I have already sent some supplies such as uni-seals- bulkhead fittings etc. But I have no idea where to find some of these things here I have tried to search online in panama but I have been unsuccessful. 

Especially uni-seals and the API freshwater kit. The PVC is not a problem and I think we can locate some containers for the fish tank and sump.



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Hi Shelia:

Sorry I didn´t answer before.  I live in Panama City, but in Coronado, you should be able to find most of the supplies you need.  

For the uni-seals and pvc fittings try a hardware store.  There are several over there. Novey or Cochez hardware stores are good.

For the API kit, you won´t find it here, but in a pet store you can get aquarium testing kits.  Try Melo Pet Store.  I am not sure if there is one in Coronado.

I make my own containers, but there is a place in the town of Capira, where they sell used plastic containers.  But be careful because they could have been used to contain toxic materials.  As you are coming from Panama City to Coronado, just as you pass Capira,(after passing Quesos Chela, if you know the place) at the outskirts of the town, and to you right, you will see a house with plastic containers in the front yard.

Hope it helps.

Juan Carlos


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