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Upcoming free webinar: Getting Started with Classroom Hydroponics (and Aquaponics!)

Bright Agrotech has another free webinar coming up just for teachers!

We've recently started working with more educators, and the more we've talked to them, the more excited we've gotten.

We started hearing from teachers and school volunteers, students and curriculum directors, all of whom were excited and passionate about using hydroponics and aquaponics as a teaching tool.

We also heard from educators who loved the idea of classroom hydroponics or aquaponics, but when it came time to take action and get the project started, didn’t know how to start.

We heard three main concerns: Money, Time, and Intimidation. 

And there's absolutely no reason any of those should stop teachers from using hydroponics or aquaponics in the classroom!

In this upcoming Getting Start with Classroom Hydroponics (and Aquaponics!) webinar, we'll break down getting funding, show you how easy it is to start a system, and even more. There will be plenty of great information for teachers considering both classroom hydroponics and aquaponics. 

I highly encourage you to attend and bring a friend! You can register at Hope to see you on the webinar!

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The date of the webinar is October 21, 2014, but a recording will be available through the same registration page afterwards. 


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