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It is now going into autumn, and I can now confidently state that the system configuration that I was testing - having no aeration originating from an electronic aerator, has been a success.  I have not lost a fish (40 tilapia in 1000 liters) at all, and always managed to operate with a DO well within the limits of my fishes' tolerance.  While the fast-flowing water have caused some issues such as reduced fines retention in the gravel, I have been able to keep most of the plants I tried happy, including a tomato in a raft bed.


I feel confident that cascades can be used as a viable alternative to pumped air in any setting where electricity use is a major concern.

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For those not familiar with my work here - the idea of tossing the blower was to see how much hardware can be tossed in a system for remote, developing country settings.  I'm South African, and here spare parts or replacement units are not an overnight express away for most areas, thus having a system breakdown will be a serious matter.  I am also a fan of trying to keep things simple and trying to replicate natural systems as much as possible.


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