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I'm curious to know how people deal with criticism of the welfare of their fish.  I have an indoor and outdoor system and I make sure my fish are well cared for and I really keep a low stocking density.  The other day, I had this comment left on a video that featured both systems  (

Interesting set up, though your indoor fish tank is really sad and awful, Do you not realise that that fish is a being, should not be in a totally empty tank, what a life!

Please do something about it!!

My response was:

I feel I must respond to this since I am the subject of this video and own this setup. These fish are well cared for and I always keep less fish per gallon than most people do. There is no need to put objects in a tank as they have no desire to be entertained by them. In fact, objects can be a hazard where they can be injured against them. She is about 6 years old and will easily live 25-30 years unlike most people that end up flushing them in a year or two.

BTW, the fish in question is in this video:

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I only ask for the ‘bad fish’ from the local hatchery. The misfits, the troublemakers. The ones that have a hard time “fitting in”.  Juvenile fish who often get into trouble,  harassing the smaller fry or even trying to eat them. Then there are the fish who spend their days and nights hanging out at the corner feeding station on the far side of the pond, swimming up to the surface repeatedly way too fast for their own good. Up and down, up and down chasing the perpetual ecstasy of self-induced nitrogen narcosis…A sad sight to see indeed…Those are the type of fish that I ask for….

They are less than happy when they arrive here and usually show their disdain with petty rebellion, refusing to eat  (‘prison pellets’ they call ‘ the food here) the first week or so. But, they are quickly broken. They are given 3 square meals a day and the occasional salt bath, and learn community building skills and discipline, (important for a fish) while at the same time helping out on the farm, mostly in the ammonia making operations, or feeding the worms with solids that they produce themselves.

I like to think that eventually they come around and learn to like their Spartan yet productive life in the Big White Tank… 

Vlad, My utmost respect!!      Carey "In my mind, happy animals make wholesome food."  Agreed and have several friends who can testify to the best formerly happy pork ever. One tidbit, I think fish in a round tank are happier than fish in a square tank. Seems they just swim around and around. Would prefer not to kill anything to eat, but if we must we can do this in as humanely as possible way.

Super lol  

I happen to think that peta should invest in nutrition tablets. Built by chemical plants powered by solar energy making everything into our nutritional needs. I say this because, just wait until they learn how many slugs they've killed.  

Steve, have you ever tried to teach an ex-racehorse to turn to the right? They'll make three turns to the left instead. I wonder if fish in round tanks get that way. Fins on one side larger than the other due to atrophy...

"Gotta go out and flip the fish. They've been going clockwise all day. Don't want 'em getting Nascarped again..." Walks outside, slipping on the shark puppet

Oh that was good Rick.  LOL

Perhaps we need figure 8 tanks?

Rick Op said:

"Gotta go out and flip the fish. They've been going clockwise all day. Don't want 'em getting Nascarped again..." Walks outside, slipping on the shark puppet


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