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Compact media towers for leaf crops

With the last post on the pvc and vermiculite media I said that the idea with the media is to go into some new towers I want to test.  Here…

Started by Kobus Jooste

10 Oct 16, 2011
Reply by Kobus Jooste

Constant Flood & NFT

The systems I, and 14 others, are building is a combination pea gravel media bed--only a few inches--and NFT. The solids are, for the most…

Started by Eric Warwick

12 Oct 9, 2011
Reply by Eric Warwick

Multi-purpose components for mixed design

The last couple of weeks have been really interesting in terms of reading up on some of the ideas and ideals of aquaponic systems, their de…

Started by Kobus Jooste

12 Sep 15, 2011
Reply by Harold Sukhbir

Things I have learnt since starting hybrid systems.

The most important thing is to abandon the single pump lay-out if you want to have media beds and rafts / NFT in a compact space.  In the p…

Started by Kobus Jooste

56 Sep 3, 2011
Reply by Kobus Jooste

Concept design for an (cheap?) aeroponic NFT system

After a little bit of head scratching and comments from others on the forum, I have a first concept drawing of what I'm wanting to add to m…

Started by Kobus Jooste

9 Aug 10, 2011
Reply by Kobus Jooste

Hybrid biological filtration for mixed systems?

As any good accidental discovery had developed in the past, my thoughts on this topic grew out of "unfinished business" and accidental obse…

Started by Kobus Jooste

43 Jul 5, 2011
Reply by Averan

Mixed aquaponics design concepts

I'm going to add this as a blog and discussion in the group, but thought that I might get some more ideas if it is "out there" in the whole…

Started by Kobus Jooste

9 Jun 18, 2011
Reply by Harold Sukhbir

Concept compact tower

I have got some lighting issues in my stacked system, and decided to play around a bit with a concept for a compact tower.  I have limited…

Started by Kobus Jooste

3 May 11, 2011
Reply by Harold Sukhbir

Have anyone combined NFT with a spray bar yet?

I want to add plant growing capacity to my micro system without really putting an extra burden on my water supply.  I have been designing f…

Started by Kobus Jooste

12 Apr 14, 2011
Reply by Harold Sukhbir

Does your system ratios change with the crops you grow?

I posted this in the advanced group as well but thought I should toss it in here too.  At the onset of my system, the design ratios was jus…

Started by Kobus Jooste

14 Apr 11, 2011
Reply by Izzy


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