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Hi all...I'm new to aquaponics. I just got my first system's pump plugged in on November 26. My water is still cycling...ammonia is down to .25 ppm, nitrites are up to 5 ppm and nitrates are up to 10-20 ppm. I have a few flowers that i bought from Lowes and a few sprouted seeds that are yet to make their appearances above the grow bed medium with the exception of one--a cucumber plant that is only 6 days old in the bed and already 2.25" tall!

I have read in almost everything i read about aquaponics that salad crops do really well in these systems, but my experience has been poor so far. I have lost several herb seeds and one flower seed, all planted around 10 days ago. They were all sprouted before i planted them in the grow bed. I planted them 2" deep to ensure they could get watered every cycle, so I'm guessing they just got washed away because they were so small? If i don't plant them deep enough to get water from zone 2, how will they grow?

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