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Greetings Folks,

I'm in the process of putting a aquaponics system in place, getting totes today. I am completely green (new to aquaponics). I have a friend that has a breeding pair of Zebra Tilapia that recently hatched a very large quantity of babies (fry?). My friend is wanting to give me the fish but from what I've been reading they look like the greatest option for aquaponic systems? Any comments on trying to use zebra tilapia?



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I don't know anything about Zebra Tilapia, how big do they grow?

I meant to say "they DON'T look like the greatest option". The following article calls Zebras "the most vicious members of the cichlid family". Ouch

Well, if your buddy isn't gonna be too upset if you don't keep them long term or if you were to kill them while cycling up, they might be fine for starting up your system.   Cichlids tend to be tough and fine with hard water so are not a bad fish for cycle up but I don't know what your long term goals for fish in your aquaponics is.  You might be better off fishless cycling and getting your first eating fish after you finish cycling and not worry about what to do with the Zebra's later.
Ok - thanks TCLynx!

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