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You are what you eat. So are plants. Trace nutrient question.

While continuing to plan an AP installation, I've also been doing some study of vegetables and nutrient content. An issue related to the quality of nutrients in vegetables is the quality of the soil in which they are grown. Nutrient depletion is a concern that has been raised when discussing how much of what vitamins and other phytonutrients the vegetables available in conventional grocery stores in the US really have. Increasingly convincing arguments appear that address how important the phytonutrients are in long term health; none of these are addressed in popular FDA minimum daily requirements.

With that as a background thought, I wonder how AP raised vegetables stack up against, for instance, dirt-grown vegetables from well-constituted organically-treated soils? All the plants have available are water and fish poop. The fish poop's constituents depend on the quality of the fish food, which I gather is typically commercially (and non-organically) grown.

How are APers addressing choosing fish food, or supplementing the materials available within the AP system, to ensure that plants receive the broad spectrum of nutrients that they would if grown in quality soils?

Have studies been performed on actual nutrient content of AP-grown vegetables?

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