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hey everyone,

I might be able to get my hands on some Yellow Perch, does anyone here have any experience or advise on this fish?



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No, but I am also interested in keeping them... 'excited to see the responses here!
Do not know this species but at a glance, it is a shoaling species with decent growth rates that have water quality needs similar to trout.
i read some of the yellow perch pub pdf and it says that its really hard training any fry to eat commercial food.. probably want to stay away from these guys now..

I definitely wouldn't bank on easy success breeding them, but if you have a decent source for fingerlings, they seem to be pretty adaptable to greenhouse life (they are a native fish here in the Great Lakes, and are overfished in the wild). I'm not sure where this data originates, but I've read that:

"The preferred temperature range for the yellow perch is 17.6°C to 25°C, with an optimum range of 21°C to 24°C and a lethal limit in upwards of 33°C."

I've also read, if memory serves,  that they've been acclimated down to 40F or below, and that low temps, around 50F, trigger spawning.


I'd love to get my hands on some of the selectively-bred stock coming out of OSU - Piketon:

Fish farmers interested in growing yellow perch may soon have a faster-growing option that could also decrease pressure on wild populations, thanks to Ohio Sea Grant researcher Hanping Wang, director of the Ohio Aquaculture Research and Development Integration Program at the Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon. By selectively breeding the fish, Wang has developed yellow perch stocks that grow 28 percent to 42 percent faster than the typical fish and have potential to reach market size of 8.5 inches in just one year. This is a serious improvement over typical yellow perch, which often take two years to arrive at the same size, and could reduce costs for care and feeding of the fish by 30 percent to 40 percent.” (Brannan)


adam.francis said:

i read some of the yellow perch pub pdf and it says that its really hard training any fry to eat commercial food.. probably want to stay away from these guys now..
so now i gotta find gmo perch? lol
It's selective breeding. I wouldn't call it GMO... unless you've got a problem with animal husbandry. (:p backatya, lol)

yah yah


whats the name of this special breed??


i would really like to do Tilapia but there are seriously no one in Ontario that sells them!!

I've got it pretty good - I can buy Tilapia live at a local Asian grocery.  ...By which I mean I'm planning to walk in there with a bucket of water once a week and ask them to sell me a fish.  I already bought one and ate it - it was female, so I doubt they were gender-reversed, or whatever it's called. Can't wait to breed them...


But first I have to have time to build. =8-o (that's supposed to be 'gaping', lol)

that was my idea.. but then i thought of the gender reversal drugs.. how did you know it was female?
interesting.. thanks.. chinatown bound!

Ellen Roelofs said:
Awesome!  I'll be excited to hear what you find!

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