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So mainly on my older leaves on my cukes, crooked neck squash and zuchinni the leaves are going just on the tips of the stem soft/limp and yellow to brown in the middle/spotchy and then shriveling up and dying. The system is about nearly 2 months old. I have 18 tilapia and water test below

ammonia o ppm

nitrite       o  ppm

ph     7.0 to 7.2  (just started bringing it down from 8.0ppm. Slowly over the last 2 days with muriatic acid. (leaves were turning beforehand.

Nitrates...color on test is deep red. So high level. I just added some maxi crop yesterday hoping today there would be no more leaves dying. I had cut all the others off and then same thing when I got off work tonight. Took some more off that had went limp and brown / yellow. Almost greyish from being dead. Actually it seems it not that I think about it some old and some new leaves. The ones I cut yesterday have already started coming back. No leaves yet but the stems grew like an inch today.

What am I missing. I put a few ounces of fish fertilizer in as well as it is nitrogen, phospate? and other nutes.


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I guess since were sort of on the topic of buffers and non leafy green plants...A really good plan as far as a buffering regime would be to alternate/rotate between using three different buffers. Potassium bi-carb (for the K), Dolomitic lime (for the Mg), and then a 'regular' calcium based lime. This seems like it should go a ways, when growing plants with high Mg and K requirements. Many longstanding and experienced aquapons seem do this already (lest anyone should think it was just one of my whacky ideas :) ...

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