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Wow --- this is so easy in theory but we've been working pretty much non-stop since the first of August. Granted we DID gut our old greenhouse and more than double it but come on -- 2 months -- and the leaves are now turning as well as some snow in the high country(we're in western Colorado) so this time of year anything can happen in hours!

But to continue the saga - we finally glued the last fitting about an hour ago and are ready to fill and check all the plumbing as well as water pumps/air pumps. First thing in the AM -- water in the tank and troughs (we're building a 'Friendly' system and added a 'Murray' system as well). They will be separate but after adding all the extra space in the greenhouse we said 'What the heck' - let's add a Tote system so we have media beds as well as DWR!  My neighbors will (hopefully) be eating well this winter!!  They just drop by to see what we're working on now!! LOL

Started seeds on Saturday and they are going gangbusters right now -- so we'll see what happens in the coming weeks. I read most of the forums and this really is addictive!!!  We've got 40 acres so who knows what will happen!!  

I've learned so much from everyone here and am so excited to see what happens in the future. Unfortunately we were unable to make the 'Aquaponics Conference' in Orlando (too busy building) but will definitely be there next year!!! Our goal is experiment and see what we can accomplish this winter and build a commercial system next year! 

As I said in the title ------  YAHOOOOOOO!  Now the fun starts!!!! 

And if I can figure out how to add photos I will  ----   I'm too old for all this new stuff but I keep trying!!

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Yahoo indeed!  Sounds like quite the setup you have there, Darlene!  If I head up for some snow time along I70 this winter I'd love to see it!  Looking forward to those pictures!
Congratulations Darlene!   I too, am happy and excited for you.  You have accomplished much in a short amount of time. 
It sounds awesome!  I can't wait to see pics. :)

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