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WTO doesn't want us to know where our food comes from...

Interesting ruling by the WTO concerning COOL requirements...


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Wow, very "interesting" indeed. Then again if you actually care about where your food comes from, you could always get to know your farmer, enroll in a meat CSA, go to your local farmers market, mail order your grass fed meat etc...Or, hey here's a novel idea, don't purchase or consume products that are of questionable origin, (or that you for whatever reason have a moral quandary over). I mean half the reason governments/corporations get away with things like this is that most folks really just don't care. Or at least not enough to change their shopping habits. 


I secretly had held out some hope some that the new Farm Bill would embrace a modicum of reform. Not a major overhaul, but at least a bit of a push in the right direction. But the way they have now decided to just rush it through and write the whole thing in a matter of weeks, behind closed doors by-passing any semblance of democratic's rather disheartening.


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