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As I was starting my grow beds I added a few worms that I caught in the garden every time it rained, as every time it rained the worms would find shelter from the water under the planks I left out for them. I added 6 to 10 worms per grow bed during a three week period. The other day when adding new plants I noticed every time I dug a hole in the media I had worms! As worms live on decaying material I started burying leaves of some of my plants that the caterpillars started to eat, so the extra worms could still get a feed. So questions?

1. Is the large percentage off worms the reason for my high Nitrate levels?

2. Should I keep burying leaves to feed the worms?

Thoughts please,

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GOOD IDEA, guess what my wicking beds going to get

Jeff S said:

1. If your worms are multiplying they are doing fine with the food they are getting.

2. The nitrates are coming from bacteria not the worms.

3. If you have a solids filter take it out of the system if you want more worm food in the beds.

I use a bird netting mesh to help filter solids in my filter. I put the dirty mesh in my worm bins and within a day the worms clean it for me and I re-use it. I do the same thing with polyfiber that I use in smaller systems. 

I think worms grow better in the grow beds than in the worm bins. I'm thinking of taking some of my worms out of my grow beds for my raised beds.

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