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Hi, I'm about to set up a small aquaponic system in Cambodia so I'm facing a few set up challengers as supplies here are some what short, some resourcefulness and some trial and error are ahead. My question is what to do about worms, can I just go out and dig some ground and find a few common worms, will these guys be sufficient?

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  You may be able to locate a source of good composting worms through ECHO. The web link is below.

Of course, you can always try your local worms.  There could be challenges with that approach though.  There are many, many, many species of worms.  Even if you were able to trap a type of redworm, there are many habits among redworms.  Some redworm have a wandering habit, which is what you do NOT want in the worms you want to stay put in a growbed.  Also, some worms are more finicky about the pH, temperature and/or food matter and media they live in with.  If they are not 'content" they will try to leave (enmasse). 

  I am not telling you this to discourage you.  It is wise to begin with the whole picture if possible.  Go ahead and try it, with the idea that it just might work, but then again, it might not.  A sense of adventure is needed...but that is a "norm' for most of us in aquaponics anyway.

Best to you in this!

- Converse

Best to you in this!

- Converse

Hey Converse,

Thanks for your information, I'm looking into ECHO, could be a handy source for me on many issues that may crop up here Cambodia. 

I've noticed a fair few highly active worms in the plant pots on my balcony that don't seem to be bothered about wandering elsewhere, I may start by giving these guys a go.

From my research so far I'm quite prepare for the trial and error approach which is quite prevalent in new aquaponic enthusiasts.

I'm hooked and I haven't even put the hole system together yet.

Big thanks


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