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Hi gang,

Sorry for late notice:

Will Allen, founder of Growing Power in Milwaukee, will be a keynote speaker at the Sustainable Food & Farm Conference this weekend in Grass Valley.  He's on at 4:30 this afternoon (til 6?).   Also at the conference tomorrow (Sunday) from 2:00 to 2:45 pm, Pierre Beauchamp, a 17-year old with an award-winning aquaponics setup at a high school in Loomis, will be doing an aquaponics workshop with Bridget Brandstad, who is a participant in this forum and the Sac group as well as head of the newly formed Grass Valley branch of the Aquaponics Association.  See


ps  I'm not going to make it up to Grass Valley for this event, unfortunately.

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I almost made the trip, but it wasn't in the cards. Will Allen is coming to Mountain View on 2/11, so maybe we can plan ahead for that one. If anyone is going to the workshop, I'd sure like to see some pics and hear some feedback.


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