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Why is this site being black listed by google and firefox?

Thought it was curious when I googled "aquaponics forums" and clicked on the second link which was to this site. I couldn't remember which forum I was a member of so I went that route to recognize our forums name and when I clicked on it google redirected warning of malicious code. But if you go a little further they flat out say that this site has not had any suspicious code. Being an IT guy I went even further and from a linux machine hit the forum main page with FF and even mozilla is listing it as hazardous.

Perhaps someone doesn't want people visiting this site?

I checked every other forum link on the first page and none of the others are giving warnings.


The google warning has a link in theirs "if you are the site owner". Some one here may want to check it out and file a complaint.

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This site was hacked today... they are working on resolving the issue

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