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Does the aquaponics system have to be in the sun? Because I have mine under shade but there is still indirect sunlight

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The  plants need sun for photosynthesis. They will grow even if they don't get direct sunlight, but they will not grow as large and will not produce as much. Most veggies require a minimum of 2-6 hours of sunlight daily. The more sun, the better.

I have my system covered with 50% shade cloth to keep it cooler, but still get plenty of light. Shade is good, but you need the direct sunlight for maximum production.

ok thanks, well i've got some sun for it also at a specific time of the day and some shade for protection also.

Fish tank wants shade.

Plants want sun.  Full sun plants will do best with 4-6 or more hours of full sun per day (thought in hot climates, mid summer mid day a bit of shade can help deal with heat and get even more production from the plants.)  Part sun plants probably want 3-5 hours of sun per day.  Part sun 2-4 hours and shade plants want dappled to full shade.

Chances are you want your plant growing space out in a location that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day in winter though lesser amounts can still work some though heavy shade will make for spindly leggy plants that don't produce as well.

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