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I can only find one supplier of tilapia in San Diego:

I would like to also raise jade or white nile perch as well.  I live in Joshua Tree, the high desert of Southern California.  Summer temps can exceed 110° F daytime easily, winter temps can go as low as 40° F at night.  Big range.  

Does anyone know of good places to buy any other species of fingerlings in Southern California?

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wow. that's far. I am los angeles. I have to imagine there's a commercial fish farm closer to you that would give up some fish for an aquaponics system. or I just put a few in a bucket the next time I come up there to ski! Or, if you really want to drive down that far, you'll probably need a battery powered bubbler so they last the trip. how many did you want? email me directly at and we can trade phone numbers.


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