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Where can i source Yellow Perch frys in the State of Washington???

I am setting up a small Aquaponic system in a greenhouse.  I want to raise Yellow Perch because of their great taste.  They also will live in a cooler system than Tilapia. 

The problem I am having is, the only Yellow Perch suppliers I can find on the web are East Coast and they don't ship by air.  I could just go to the local lake and trap some, but I am worried about trapping diseased fish.


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You might have better luck looking for hatcheries in your state in fish and game listings or in yellow page listings.  Most fish farms are not really on the web or many that are on the web their presence if feeble.

  If you look in the agriculture newspaper called the Capital Press often times fish farms are in the classified ads. Most feed stores carry this newspaper in the PNW.  You can even see the classified ads online.   Try looking at:   the fish farms are usually under the Hay & Farm/Ranch Products section of the classified ads. Most are Oregon farms, but sometimes there are WA. farms listed. If you contact these fish farms and they do not have what you are looking for, or are too far away, they should be able to tell you of a source closer to you.  Hope this is helpful.

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