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What was in your IBC, i have just got 6 of them and the guy said they had corn syrup in them, they have a greasy residue that kind of smells like used cooking oil, i have removed this by useing dawn dish soap and a power washer, 

what was in your IBC and how did you clean them ?

-To clean mine i removed the top bar that holds the palstic in, i then used our back-hoe to flip the cage upside down and shake the container out, 

-We then cut the top of the container off and laid it on its side

-We used the power washer to scrub the inside

-We got on our hands and knees with a scrubing brush and some Dawn and got it all suddes up then rined it out, 

-We then put the container back in the cage and filled with water and added dish soap again, 

We let this sit for a week before emptying - no more grease

Thanks for reading , More to follow 

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Just make sure all soap is well rinsed out and rinsed out again and again to get rid of all sudsing since soap is death to fish.

I had honey in mine.    Pressure washer did the trick.     Agree with TC,  be sure to get that soap fully rinsed out.

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