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Hello, I am building system with 55 gallon drums, and instead of bell syphons, I would like to use U-Syphons. 

Here is the question: I bought thin wall PVC tube which is 2 1/4" wide

I can't seem to find a uniseal of such width. When I ordered the tube, I said 2", and when I got home and measured the inner diameter of the tube, it was not exactly 2"....

Could someone please please clarify??

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Uniseals are made for schedule 40 PVC... I'm not sure what you have there but it is not schedule 40

Thank you for sharing that. That clears thing up a bunch.

in a drum, I wouldnt go over 1 " for the siphon tube.  if you want to do a flex hose version of the j tube, just use a 1" threaded/barbed bulkhead, then you can connect the flex hose to it.   (available at most hydro shops for $2 )


Thanks Rob. I am copying a system that I saw in youtube were the owner used 2" U-Siphon tubes reduced to 1".

Problem is, when I went to the hardware store I didn't preview the parts, and I know nothing about plumbing, so I asked everything in inches, and it turns out here in my country the standard is in millimeters ( I was completely convinced it was inches for plumbing.... we use meters for everything else), so the clerk sold me the pieces without presenting them to me, and I got really huge plumbing that day... sad, but true


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