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Our system is doing well after the first three months. The plants are doing okay, but I know they could be doing better. We only get a few tomatoes, but the lettuce does well. Spinach is still a challenge. So, what, if anything, should we be adding to the system? Or do we just need to be patient and let the system mature? We have 25 channel cats (6"-10") in a 275 gal IBC, 4 IBC gravel beds and now 80 sq. ft. of DWC.

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if you're seeing a specific "deficiency" then target that..

but for a general tonic, maxicrop with iron is all i use.. if you have access to worm tea, it can be used, i've seen several good posts on that subject

What's your pH??

6.8 pH; NO3 +/-80 ppm

You should be doing fine then.... you can supplement trace elements by using a "worm tea"... or by using Maxicrop"....

Your system will "mature" over the next couple of months...

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