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Hi all,'

Im getting mixed info about painting my IBC's.  Does anyone have any advise?




Andrew Cope (Noob)

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I have the same question .

Andrew, we just recently started ours as well. We used acetone to clean the outside then painted them with two coats of rust-oleum oil base enamel from wal-mart. Use a small 3/8 nap roller and it goes on pretty smooth and let them sun bake between each coat. Plastic will not hold paint very well unless you go through the expense of using a plastic primer and latex does not do well at all. Just be careful putting them back in the cage. We used sunburst yellow on the totes  and are painting the cages ag green. What ever you use make sure and try on a small area first to test it. God Bless.

Roughing up the plastic first, with a bit of medium to fine-ish grit sandpaper help to give the paint some 'tooth' so it sticks better and doesn't tend to flake off as easily. 

Thanks guys!  Greatly appreciated!

I wondering does the color matter.  I guess as long as sun cant penetrate?  I wante to do that green on both and maybe fancy it up with some bamboo.


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