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This is a cherry tomato plant, about 1 ft tall. The brown parts of the leaves are dry.

My growbed fills and drains every 12 minutes. In the past few weeks we have had some very heavy rain, and a few fronts coming in that have swung the temperatures pretty widely up to low 80s and down to mid 50s, once to mid 30s a couple days ago.

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Looks like cold damage. Cut the damaged leaf off.

Were the leaves dry? or like soggy and brown? 

They were soggy. I cut them off and its growing very well now. Here's something we should all keep in mind- leaves that turn brown will never get well. They should be removed from the plant so the dead tissue won't attract more problems.

I usually cut off old tomato leaves, once the plant reduces life support and prune suckers too.  If you don't, you'll have one sorry looking plant.     

I agree. Removing the sick ones is a good idea. Plus, check the stems. if it's isolated to certain stems, then prune those.   I get soft droopy leaves sometimes when my plants get a little overheated in my greenhouse. 

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