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I have tried spraying them off with water but now they are all overthe GB and floating in the FT. Plant leaves are turning yellow and brown around the edges. Can't beleive how fast the multiplied.

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Greetings Vlad,

      I'll address your question about trench vermicomposting soon (tomorrow).  I did not want you to think I had missed your question or had ignored it.  Farm Duties call right now, and I'd like to address your idea properly.  (It will work)

    I will be creating another thread though to anwser, since it would be very off-topic from dealing with aphids..but very on-topic for AP support.


- Converse

Thank you so much Converse. I really appreciate your time and consideration. No rush.

Dratz!   Well there goes that idea...Of course boiling the butts wouldn't be a hassle at all if it'll take care of any potential viruses...The nicotine brew did kill most all of the gypsy moth caterpillars that were attacking my trees, but not the common striped potato bugs I pictured in that other thread. The potato bugs stumbled around like drunken sailors and all 4 were knocked out cold for quite some time, but after 3 days were still alive and kicking.
Time to start another worm bin I suppose...

TCLynx said:

Then danger with tobacco is that tobacco can carry viruses that can also devistate your tomato and lettuce crops (to the point that commercial grower will say you shouldn't even let smokers visit your property in fear that they might not wash their hands after smoking before touching your plants.)

so if you do try to use a tobacco spray you should probably boil the tobacco to kill viruses before using it in your spray.

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