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What's the best type of fish to grow in the North West

Hey everyone,  I'm new the this group.  I've been searching for a group like this for several years now.  I'm in the Northwest, about 35 miles east of Salem Oregon, in the Cascade mountains.  Kinda rain forest landscape.  It gets cool here and only freezes a few times during the winter, but mostly rains in the winter, all winter.  Temps are usually in the 40's.   I'm thinking of raising catfish vs trout because the water conditions (temperatures) don't have to be so tightly controlled.  During the summer the weather is nice with the temps in the 70's to 80's.  Any suggestions about the best type of fish to grow for this climate.  Also, with the lack of sun during the summer, what type of plants would do well with minimum sunlight.

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You could probably grow either type of fish so maybe start with one and then next year try the other.


For your first season you will probably do best with mostly greens and then when you get into the next hot season, just try different things and see what works for you.  Just make sure that your growing area gets as much sun as the weather allows (as in don't put it under the trees or in the shade of a building.)  Some things will still grow with less than full sun, they will just be slower about it provided there is still enough light that they don't go all lanky and fall over and that you are planting during the appropriate season for them in your area.


Have fun and try things.

I would just advise to start with at least 300 gallons of fish tank as the minimum for either of those types of fish.


  I'm in the Cascades too.  When I saw the header for the  thread, the first thing that went through my head as an answer was 'cheddar fish crackers'!

   Gold fish will work great too. But for a food fish, your catfish idea sounds good. As always, TCLynx has great advice.

    My best to you.

I'm not 100% sold on any fish yet, but the cheddar fish sounds good.  With all these spas on craigslist for free, I might try to control the heat this winter with the talipia in one spa and let the other spa run cold with catfish.  Guess I just need to get er done.  Thanks guys

I'm new to this whole thing, when you say "spa" what exactly do you mean?


Probably an old used hot tub sort of thing.

Hi Larry and welcome,

I would be careful of old spas and the like. Lots of fish un-friendly chemicals used in those things. I would plant with the season, maybe some lettuces and cool growing plants.


I hope it works well for you



Many people have converted old pools and old hot tubs/spas to aquaponics.  Important keys are to make sure they were not treated with anti algae or anti mold/mildew chemicals.

Chlorine will go away given time to air out.  Allowing old pools or spas to be purged of chemicals is important before use for fish but it can be done.


Just make sure any old spas/hot tubs won't be exposing any metal plumbing or metal surfaces to fish water.

Got it, thank you:)


Thank you everyone for your support.  I will keep in mind  the anti alge and anti mold with these hot tubs.  This is something that I never considered.  I just thought I would rinse them out with clorex.  Any advice about getting rid of these chemicals?

most of the really problematic things I have heard to do with pools are with the really new vinyl kiddie pools that have been treated to with something that will leach over time to keep algae and mold from growing and this stuff seems able to kill fish as it builds up in a re-circulating system.  Most of the chemicals used in hot tubs can be washed/rinsed away and the new tank filled with water and allowed to mellow until algae will grow.  Might not guarantee there is absolutely no chemical residues if you are really worried about that but it will generally render the tank safe to grow fish and plants.

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