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What percentage of DIY aquaponics builders give up vs. those who buy systems?

I can recall a blog post by Sylvia a year or two ago which said that something like 90% of people do aquaponics (I can't remember if this is just DIYers, or all aquaponics users) give up before they get their systems built and stabilized.

However, I've looked through my archives and can't find it now.

Can anyone point me to this post?  Or does anyone have a good number on what percentage of people quit?

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Guesses are fine too :)

I would imagine that might be accurate simply because alot of people start a project and find that it is either too difficult or more likely something that looked good at first look but was just not for them.

Same thing with a dog... you get a puppy from a friend at work who had an unexpected litter. You figure the kids would love it.  The the dog pees on your wife's pillow and you find yourself taking it to the pound an lying to the kids that it ran away etc...

You pay $1000 for a purebred something and when it pees on that same pillow , you tell the wife she can deal with is her or the dog...

I've been at it over a year now. And still kicking. Sure there have been some learning curves. But the veggie yields have been well worth the effort IMO. We use Koi as our primary fish.

I've been at it for about a year too. Just started producing veggies and it's exciting. I just keep trying everything. I'm trying composting, worm composting, duckweed, even planted a dirt garden. some things seem to be doing better in the dirt, not sure why. All in all it's been an adventure just surviving the winter. Just finished a solar water heater today and hooked it up to by friends pool til winter. Just about to start a Kratkey setup in an IBC top. Never a dull moment. I'm probably trying to learn to much at once but it's all so interesting.

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