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So, I've been reading a book on hydroponics. The author is explaining how in soil gardening, organic matter present in the soil needs to be broken down by microorganisms into inorganic elements in order to be taken up and used by plants. Hydroponics simply supplies those elements directly through the form of fertilizers. So, here's my question. Why is aquaponics more productive than hydroponics? Is the presence of bacteria the differentiating factor? That's my assumption, but I want to hear what other people think.

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You couldn't possibly know every little thing that a plant needs to grow  to it's best potential - life is too complex. In hydroponics we narrowed that down to formulas but those formulas are by no means complete. Aquaponics is not a formula, it is a system - a living system just like growing in a field. In AP we need to fertilize and amend just like in a field, but we couldn't possibly know everything that is happening to effect yield. I think it is the better that way... let life be life rather than turning it into some artificial or modified version of it.

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