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What is the most big resistant plant for aquaponics?

Lots of bugs where I live.  Eating my kale, lettuce, collard greens, etc.  I would like to plant something I don't have to spray and manage to keep the bugs off.  What are the best plants to try?

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I assume the neem tree must be fairly pest free.....

In all seriousness... marigolds?

So if I wanted to plant something I can eat, would you plant the, for example, kale in the middle of the grow bed and marigolds on the perimeter?  Or just plants marigolds throughout the grow bed interspersed among the edible plants?

Thanks for the idea. 

Hi, years ago while living on Oahu, I helped to tend a small garden on a military base so the results are based on my opinion and of others who tended the garden before and after me.

Bugs there were quite a problem mostly in older housing and residential areas. Cock roaches, bed bugs and every kind of beetle it seemed all love Hawaii. Anyway, I think the consensus was then that growing catnip among the garden did the best at warding off the roaches and mosquitoes. Not that mosquitoes seemed such a problem as they do in some places these days.

Today, I actually prefer to attract bugs for the fish to eat and in turn don't seem bothered as much or in as large a number.

Wikipedia has a list of many plants and the particular pest that they might best repel. Here's a link:

I hope this helps.

Is this indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors.  The IBC system grow bed is quite high, but I've bugs eating my kale and greens.  I'll check out the catnip Glenn, thanks.

What kind of bugs are you having a problem with? Can you identify them or send pictures?

I can't be sure of all the types of bugs but there are definitely 2 types in the grow bed.  A green caterpillar  and small aphids on the underside of the leaves.  The green caterpillar is eating the leaves.  I got out and pick them off at night (I only find them at night).

like Scott said,, the neem tree would be about the only thing i can imagine not having bugs..

ive found its all about the sprays.. used at the right time..

stuff like Spinosad and Dippel do a great job,, but have to be use as a preventative measure..

hit everything you can, every three weeks or so in the spring..

So if I use something like this according to the instructions it will be safe for the fish?

Yep, spinosad is quite safe for fish.

Gary Wong said:

So if I use something like this according to the instructions it will be safe for the fish?

Organicide works good and is fish safe

I've heard that sprinkling flour or corn meal around your plants can kill caterpillars. They'll gorge themselves to an excess and die. Also, sprinkling diatomaceous earth around the base of your plants will prevent them from getting to your plants.

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