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I am rethinking which fish to raise here. I was going to raise Sacramento Perch but I'm worried their diet is something I cannot sustain. I would like to be able to provide their food by growing it, harvesting it, or utilizing resources already on the farm.

We are at 2400 feet in Sierra Nevada ( N California ) and get down to teens in winter and up to 100 in summer. I currently have goldfish in our ponds and in the aquaponics which do well here.

my requirements for aquatic animal breed;

1) eats mostly vegetation ( garden scraps )

2) considered edible for humans

2) does not require heating during winter

3) can survive in ponds or in aquaponics in greenhouse

4) can breed w/o assistance or little maintenance as possible

I am not limited to fish, as crawdads maybe is better option or any other good eating aquatic animal.


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i'm not familiar with the sacremento perch, is it a sunfish?

for crayfish you'll need lots of room..

carp are eatable and fit your requirements

catfish are an option as well..

any fish that you plan on harvesting will do better using a commercial food..and it's cost effective, you can still supplement their diet with worms/bugs/ etc..if you consider the fish as livestock, consider how you would treat any other livestock, by providing the best diet possible..

I'm in Placerville (2200 feet) and i had the same questions and requirements- I'm still building, so PLEASE let me know if you try the Perch and it works for you.  Thanks!

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