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Hi there! I am noticing these spots on my cucumbers, pumpkin, and some of the watermelons. Is this a mold of some kind? How would I treat this? Thanks for any help!

Bryan <>/p>

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That looks like Powdery Mildew, and all those plants you mentioned are in the same family (cucurbitaceae) so they're all susceptible. Unfortunately, powdery mildew doesn't require that the leaf be wet in order for it to take hold and infect it (unlike most other fungal diseases). So it's a major PITA around here...

Fortunately, you can use a mixture of nine parts water to one part milk and spray the leaves. Some will say to use skim milk, but I've used whatever was on hand. Don't be tempted to use a stronger mix/ratio...

Thanks Vlad! I will try this an give an update here in a week. I really appreciate all the help. You are the man. This community is a great resource.

I was curious WHY this works but seems nobody really knows for sure. There is one theory here :

Great tip. Thanks.

Forgot to update on this way back when....but it did work....

Well, better late than never ;) Seriously though, good job deciding to follow up. I don't know how many times I've forgotten to follow up things and never do it thinking "Well, it's too late now". But if you look at it that way, it never gets posted...

Bryan Acred said:

Forgot to update on this way back when....but it did work....

You're right Alex.

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