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I can't get real close with my camera so I will post the photos and describe them. There is one large bug with the orange stripes in the center. There are really little white bugs all over the place and green aphids next to the white ones. These bugs are on Red Salad only.On the above photo there are 2 bugs. The smaller specs are green aphids and the other bugs are black with wings. The winged bugs are not doing anything to the aphids but are on all of a certain green lettuce called Gentelina and green salad. I do not see the winged bugs on anything else.

Our Lollo Rossa has no bugs at all.

I have tried a product called BotaniGard ES and not sure if I am getting any results becasue I am loaded with these right now. I do have one area of green salad that has hardly any bugs. I was using the product every week and stopped for 2 weeks and need to keep trying but I am lost.

I know that I can use worm tea but need to find a good posting on what and were to start it without any worms.

Any ideas besides throwing everything out the door and starting over.

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The foto is a bit fuzzy but I'd say the large bug is a lady bug one of it's many phases...Try the worm tea...any oil recipe should be used with caution because of the fish...

It seems like with an AP greenhouse a good idea is to come up with a decent, scheduled Integrated Pest Management Program (basically seeding various predatory bugs/larva in the GH, in phase with pest life cycles)...the fish really seem to limit your bug control options unfortunately... I feel for you man...

They look like aphids and they are hard to get rid of without hurting the system. I ended up pulling up my watermelons and flooding the bed over night to get rid of them and the ants that were herding them. The bigger bugs may be eating the aphids.

I want to try ordering ladybugs online to see if they can solve this problem. If you try this cover the bed with some green screen and release the ladybugs at night.

the larger orange and black bug does look like a ladybug larvae to me..

the gnats look like what i had a while back.. ladybugs took care of aphids, nematodes got the gnats under control

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