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I'm trying to figure how much might evaporate during the winter - assuming I keep ambient temps the same as growbeds - does anyone have a guess at the percentage per day that gets evaporated / transpired? 2%, 5%?


I'd like to know for the purpose of sizing the heat load... ex. how much new cold water get introduced into the system in a 24 hr period?




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Sorry Paul, I'm not qualified to make such an estimation.  I hope someone else can provide you with assistance.
Paul, there is so much variation in what you are asking that I do not know if anyone will be able to come up with a easy answer.  The only system I know of that has published water usage data is the unheated UVI system, which is open air and thus of little use to your situation.  They went through roughly 2% a day if I remember correctly.

Thanks for your reply Kobus. at least its a starting point.

I think if I planned for twice that, it should be a worst-case. 

If I can remember, I'll post my findings once my system is up and running.




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