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Sorry I know I have been asking so many questions  but you guys and gals have so much info and I love it. I bought a pond care master liquid test kit that tests for ammonia, ph, nitrite, and phosphate. I was wondering for aquaponics what levels should I be looking for to be normal. im sorry that this might be a dumb question to most but I don't really know. thanks for any help.

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ammo 2 less than 2

ph 6.6 - 7

nirtite 0

phosphate should be in in a 10 - 15 to 1 ratio idealy with your nitrate. for example if your phosphate was at a 1 your nitrates should be at a 15 or 20.  if phos was at a 2 you want a 30 or 40 nitrate and so on. also remember that just because its there doesn't mean its available.   

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