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I am new to aquaponics and have a concern on water before I fire up a system


How do I fix a PH, Nitrate, Amonia or whatever  in the fish tank.

I found what the readings should be but not how to correct a situation.


Thanks in advance for your reply





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Rupert - would you recommend adding worms from the start of your first grow or waiting a few months while the fish grow and begin to create more waste?   I've currently had my system cycling for 7 weeks and recently introduced fish 3 days ago.  I currently have no fish in my GBs.  Thanks for any advice you can pass along.

RupertofOZ said:

Ah yeah... but in aquaponics...  and our filters convert the ammonia to nitrates... and our plants extract the nitrates...

And the rest of the "fish wastes" are dealt with.. by the worms in our grow beds... releasing/recycling the trace minerals... needed for plant growth..

That's the beauty of aquaponics... it deals with all the problems... and turns them into solutions...

We don't have the need to exchange water... except for top ups due to transpiration loses...

That's why aquaponics is such a water efficient way to grow food...


Aquaponics is not based upon aquaria....

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