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After misplacing my API test chart, and often having problems working out my pH level from colors that are very similar I decided that there must be another way. I wondered if I can use my smartphone instead. I seem to be able to use my smartphone for almost everything else, including as a torch.

So I downloaded one of the many free apps that allow the camera on the smartphone to take a “picture” of the color, and convert it into its color components. One of the common way of defining color by its red green and blue components (RGB). This is defined either as 3 separate numbers or a combined 8 digit Hex value, which is written like #45F344. So now I can take a picture of the test tube and get the exact color. The next step is to compare this with the API test chart.

I created a web site to do this, where you can enter the Hex number or RBG values and the measurement type (pH high or low, Ammonia, Nitrite or Nitrate) and the program will calculate the nearest value to the color on the API test chart. I have now been using it for a while and like the fact that it takes the guesswork out of working out the values, and it I don’t have to keep looking for my chart.

Feel free to try it. It is being used as part of my aquaponic research on , but you don’t need to be a member to use it, and can access it directly  here . If you keep an on-line diary you can use the “Add to Diary” button to directly add the measurements to your diary.

 Enjoy. I am interested if you find this useful.

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