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Has anyone with a well cycled system tested their water to see what kind of nutrients their plants are receiving on a consistent basis? I am asking because in speaking with someone yesterday about growing rosemary, they advised aquaponics might not work well because it needs specific conditions only found in the earth or provided by external fertilizers. Any information pertaining to water nutrient/vitamins/mineral levels and or info pertaining to rosemary would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone find there is a lack of nutrients to grow any other crops in specific and if so how do you handle this?


Thanks in advance

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This other forum says there is no problem with growing rosemary....

I'm growing some rosemary in my aquaponics and it seems to be doing great.  It is a layered cutting off of the big rosemary plant growing right in front of my front door where it is in sand and bounded by concrete on two sides so our normally acidic sand of florida is probably buffered quite a bit by the concrete.


It the aquaponics it has been doing fine too.


I wouldn't take comments about nutrient levels and aquaponics too much to heart till you have tried it.  Many things often work far better than the hydroponic experts will have you believe.

Thanks all, and thanks for the hydro tip... The gentleman that mentioned it to me is more verse in terms of hydro vs aqua. I planted rosemary in my towers this evening for a trial run so will let you know my findings as well.
Mine is doing well in flood and drain gravel.  Might just have to find the most appropriate situation for it.

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