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I looked around the net today looking for real answers for water conditions for an aquaponics system.  I really did not find anything that I needed so I am going to ask the experts here.  I am sorry if it has already been answered. I have about 300 gallons and 35 1.5lbs tolopia, and about 120 fingerlings. I have checked the levels and they are the following:

Ammonia: .6
PH: 7
Nitrite: .5
Nitrate: 30
Temp: 68

I have (2) grow beds, (1) 4x5 by 10inch high, and (1) 4x7 by 10 inch high

I have seen that some say this these levels are fine, but really... what does it mean????

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yea, like Rupe said.

About the only thing that really bugs me about having nitrates over 40 ppm is that I just can't read the results accurately if it is 40 or above so I can't tell if it's 80 or 1800, it just all looks the same to me. So to avoid having to run occasional dilution tests, I would like it if I could keep my nitrates down below 30 ppm just for readability sake.
Ok come back down to the newbe world. in 3rd grade english, what told you that the fish fry is necessary?

Sylvia Bernstein said:
Well, I am convinced that I should stop worrying about Nitrates. You guys have made a convincing argument - thanks for enlightening me ;-). OK Mike, no more worrying about your system, except the need for that fish fry.
We are concerned about the stocking levels for your tank. Ultimately you are looking for about a pound of fish for every 5 gallons of water or about 60 lbs of fish. You are at 52.5 lbs with the mature (1.5 lb) fish you have, and you have a young bio-filter so I would want you to stay there for a while...but you said you now have 120 fingerlings in there as well. If you harvest your mature fish you will get down into a stocking density range that is much easier to manage.

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