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I have a275 g tank and i dont want the fish to suffer when most of the water gets drained out to the nine half blue barrels.  Should I use bell siphons or timers post manifold or use multiple small pumps on timers. I may try the chat as I am new to forums.   Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


PS Any TX friend close to Fort Worth




 Andrew Cope

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I'd recommend a timer with an indexing valve, and zones for your barrels.  You'll need a powerful and reliable pump (stopping/starting can be hard on pumps).  I'm using one for a similar system.

If you have the room for adding a sump, that will keep your water level constant in the fish tank. what kind of media are you using? using 3/4 gravel will give you about 25-35% water when filled. you could use a 60 gallon sump for that. or calculate to have that 40 or 50 gallons, give or take, removed from the fish tank, leaving you about 200 gallons for the fish during the flood and drain cycles. 

I went with timed flood and drain - modified indexing valve - 60 watt pump, Lifeguard Products, Quiet One 4000.  Over 175,000 off/cycles over 18 months or so.  No problems.  I like it.  It seemed simpler to me at the time and I still think it is.

Those are your two choices though, timed flood and drain or siphons and sump.

Thanks for the info!


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