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I just finished a bit of an epic inventing session and thought someone might find it useful. 


It's all made from about $15 in off the shelf 90mm pvc fittings.


It tilts to swap flow direction each time a timer switches the pump off then on again, or if you adjust the flow rate with a little more accuracy, you can make it switch every 20 minutes or whatever on constant flow.


The full build description is way too big to dump here, but if anyone is interested, here it is in full...


The Bullwinkle sequencer build


I'd love some feedback and suggestions, and if anyone builds one, I'd love to hear about it. I don't actually have a use for one right now, so I might never see it actual use. In fact I pulled it all apart to take the photo's, so if you build one it could well be the only one in existence in the world :)


I hope its useful 



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I'm thinking about trying this out on a couple of strawberry towers. Nice work BullwinkleII!

I'm just a noob here and only beginning the research phase of what will be my first build but I think it's genius! If I can get a happy flow sorted out I will be incorporating a Bullwinkle sequencer into my first build. Thanks for sharing.

what a great system.  if not used here it would make a great science experiment. 


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