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I'm in in the southern US (USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 8a). I'm thinking of putting an Aquaponic system in a Walipini. Maybe 15ft x 20ft? I expect that in the winter it should do fine, but I'm concerned about it overheating in the summer. I'm wondering if an exhaust vent & shade cloth will do enough to keep cool enough. Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? Thanks.

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I haven't built one yet, from what I've learned, what you've mentioned combinded with the cooling efects of the ground in the summer (my basements always cooler in the summer & warmer in the winter), it should work nicely.

I am in North Central TX zone 8a.  I have considered building a walipini too.  I think you would have to use shade cloth and ventilation fans to control the heat buildup. I also think it would help to control temps to orient the facing to be at the winter maximum sun position.  It might help a little in summer.

I was intending to use water barrels to help control temp swings ie mass. I have seen some place the barrels below the grow bed.  I also considered using a solar collector to help heat the water but a small rocket heater might be easier and cheaper to use on the few cold nights.

We like the idea of a walipini as well, but would like to see one in action in our zone (also 8a). I will say that the in-ground cellars are cool inside even in the hot summer, so it seems logical that a walipini could behave the same.

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