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Looking for some ideas to make a small, apartment-style system that is visually appealing. If it were up to me I would already have moved and made a giant system in my future greenhouse ( us apartment dwellers can only dream). The problem is that some people( my girlfriend) do not see how the benefits outweigh the lack of connection between the decor of my apartment and my aquaponics setup. So if anyone has any ideas as to how I can convince my girlfriend to allow me to quench my newly-found addiction I would really appreciate it. Aquaponics is a beautiful thing for everyone, so how do we make it beautiful for the people that see plastic bins as storage containers not to be put on display?

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Ha! I had the same issue with the boss. Your going to have to get your hands dirty or find a cabinet maker and pay a little more for a nice wooden grow bed lined with pond liner. I did a video series of my design last fall. It is not a work of art but it satisfied the wife. Also just tell her how important it is to you... if she really loves you she will let you do it :)


Rick Stillwagaon, (a member here) who is a wonderful craftsman is making these designer AP systems...

That is a pic of a prototype from a while back, but if I've understood correctly, he's been developing/making different kinds of models, to be sold soon through the APSource store. You'd have to contact Rick or the APSource for details, (if/what/how/when/how much)...

IDK, we are all different, so you'll just have to find away to work on your GF. I had the same problem with my wife a while back, but now she likes the 3 or 4 different systems we have going on in the house as much, if not more than I do! But boy 'oh boy, it certainly wasn't like that in the beginning. If she wont come around, you could always get a new GF :)

Yes, they do come around after a while don't they.

Thanks for the help. I showed her the photos and she said if I can make it look like one of those then I can have it anywhere. Honestly I think if I just find a couple containers and some sort of rack that look somewhat decorative I should be able to get away with something simple. What I have thought of doing is just saying to her that I have a list of requirements and then she can pick out the stuff. Thanks a lot for the help though.

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