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   I want to build a NFT system and im wondering if there is any health safety issues with using vinyl rain gutters?

  I looked at put together setups and the channels or the systems are to expensive or not exactly what i want.

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Vinyl gutters are good the issue with them is making sure you use 100% silicone to seal end caps and seams. We have used the extensively with making giant banana splits, ice-cream sundaes etc.  There are also pvc as well as vinyl gutters both are UV stabilized and food safe.

I've looked at the NFT tubes for sale at a local hydroponics store, and theres no outward differences from what I see. 

I've been using rain gutters and PVC tubing for NFT for a few years.....and have seen commercial systems set up using them as my best guess is, that your good to go

 Well thanks for the replys.Now im working on what medium to start growing in from seed.Rockwool seems kind of pricey.

I saw a video of someone using a small piece of paper towel folded over.Sure to grow is anouther product i was looking at.

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