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If it's that good, just wait a while  I'll believe it when I see it.

What the study failed to mention is after plant growth was increased, the plants that were under testing spontaneously mutated, becoming sentient beings, flipped researchers "the bird" and strolled off to start their own advanced colony of self aware plant creatures. Official papers stated that the plant race made it as far as a rural plot on the outskirts of Sycamore, IL, when they encountered a crop duster making rounds with an application of round-up. Not having been inoculated as a round-up ready crop, the plant beings were obliterated, and mankind was held responsible for yet another species' extinction...

Wow, why does this seem like such a bad idea? Does flooding an organism with radio frequency radiation ever produce good results?

Thought you might find the info here useful  They appear to gave units available in several sizes.

I read through the documentation on the Vi-Aqua website. The first thing I noticed was the unusual number of spelling and grammatical errors that would not be expected from a university-based organization. Second, all of the research citations were from prior to 2000. There appear to be no peer-reviewed publications cited. There is no evidence that others have applied this technology in randomized trials and produced similar results. A technology this effective, with this much promise, would have had extensive governmental support and major investment by venture capitalists, but none are evidenced. All of these factors signal:  Hoax.

Apparently there's a long history of these types of claims; one scientist maintains a list here:

I'd love to see this be true. But the promoters of this material have made almost no effort to convince anyone with an ounce of skepticism. So ... back to your grow beds!

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