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Hi All,

  I am in the process of getting ready to trek back to Honduras for the final install at the orphanage there.  Got lots of growbeds growing veggies in the growbeds, and now we are moving forward with the vertical tower installation phase.  Due to budget issues we are going the home-made route for the vertical towers - using gutter downspouts.  I need input from all of you who have vertical towers regarding your experience with the different types of media.

    What I need to know is:

        what brand media did you use ( and type)?

        How did it last (we will be in the tropics - intense heat and sun)?

        How much did you pay for it

   I grow in towers on my farm, but I am in the mountains of the PNW...not a tropical environment...Plus, I have used the media I could find that would fit in my personal budget on my farm...In Honduras, they will not be able to just go out and buy more if the stuff we bring (in our luggage) falls apart in the tropical environment. We need to 'get it right' with the media we bring on this trip. I'd love to go with Nate's  Matrix Media, but it is way too all you people out is you chance to help out a worthy project feeding orphans...All you have to do is share your experience with growing media.

   We have to buy a LOT of the media to fill about 50 - 74 towers.

  I am leaning toward Matala Filter media ..your thoughts?

Many, many thanks ahead of time for any input you all may have to offer.

- Converse


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Oh, I'm considering the "green" medium density Matala sheets rated for "medium" size particle filteration...and we'll have redworms in the towers. 


- Converse

Tower Gardens /  They will work just about any where. Designed for hydroponics but easy to convert to aquaponics. light weight and very adaptable to indoors or out. It is an airoponic garden. Disney World has had great results with them. You can check them out on youtube at Epcot/behind the seed tour.  

Thanks for the link Mona.  Fun to look into..

. The towers we are installing will be suspended over a fish raceway.  The water will be running through the vertical hanging tower and right back into the raceway. This will add aeration action for the fish too.  The towers at Epcot use pots and perlite...a good system, but not something I can use for our application...  Thank you for being kind and thoughtful  enough to reply though.

   So does anyone out there use vertical grow towers similar to the Zip-Gro ones...and what media do you use...and what is your experience with it?


I have successfully used wool and cotton loosely weaved materials. And would wager that llama wool can easily be found and put to use in Honduras.

Good luck, enjoy your adventure, and please let us know how everything goes.

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