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I acquired a green house from a hydro strawberry farm. It came with over 300 Styrofoam( not sure of material) planters that sit on top of each other offset. so you can grow 4 plants in each planter. has anyone incorporated this type of planter in there system. I am in the design phase of my system and was wondering if I could hang them over my grow bed and send water from my sump tank to them and have any excess drain back to the ebb and flow. I was just wondering if anyone has had issues with doing this. and also would there be enough nutrient left in the water from the sump to grow well. I know that all depends on the system and how well it is working. Just wanting some options.

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Somewhere in my studies I found several sources for Vertical Aquaculture, I can tell you they all were used in the "Big" Cities like Chicago, New York, etc as Roof Top Systems. That group of people are really into it as they have no land.  Try Google and see what you can find by Big City Aquaculture ... I myself am a Greenhouse person so I don't use the Vertical.  The only one I have seen is for Strawberries. Hope this is a little help.

If you drain from media filters to sump, then pumping clean water from sump to towers should work.  There is a vertical group, I think.  

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