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I'm trying a couple of vertical designs.


Don't know if they would need continuous water or timed.


1 is a 6" dia.  It has a water tube through the length.  The tube has allot of holes in it so it sprays inside the tube.  There are also 4 disks of plastic mesh filter inside spaced evenly apart.  I found that the filter mesh stops the water from fast running out and each filter piece causes a shower head effect below it.

So the water inside is spray and drip shower. 


2 is the arched piece in the background (it's not fully assembled).  It's 4" pvc. 2ea 10' straight pieces and a sweep piece in the middle.  It creates a large Vee.  Each end will be suspended over a tank when it's complete.  It has the same spray components as the above design.


Anyone seen this, done this, or have ideas?





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Jim, I have a  vertical hydroponic system running in my greenhouse. I used 4" diameter pipe with1 inch holes spaced down the lengths on 3 sides ( 12, 4, and 8 oclock positions).

I drip water into the top and let it drain into gutters below to run back into my reservoir.  The tubes are filled with various medias. Most use  sphagnum moss and a filter media core wrapped like a sushi roll in bird netting. Some use the filter media alone. I'm using a simple 500 gph fountain pump. I get decent water flow.

I have had nothing but problems with this system so far. I find inconsistent water distribution inside the tubes. Some plants get adequate water and some do not. This is most significant in the early stages after transplanting while the root system is small.

Another problem is that water running down a plant as it hangs out the hole and dripping off the side missing the return gutter. Not significant on its own but it has dropped the level in my 18 gallon reservoir several times over a matter of hours.

I have got the system running well then gone out a few hours later to find one of the lines to be plugged with enough accumulated debris to change the water pressure in other lines. That makes other lines 'squirt' more and actually spray water out of the system.

These last 2 problems might averted if i had a large enough tank under the whole system to catch any of this overflow., but I am running 14 tubes over a space of 2 X 10 feet.

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