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Looking for some ideas....What's your favorite way to grow cucumbers vertically?

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I like the 'umbrella technique'...and a few of its variants. I've also had good success using an 'inclined cordon technique' growing greenhouse cukes in DWC troughs.


I like the umbrella as well....think I'm gonna try that with my new cukes.

Well it depends on high high your ceiling and horizontal wire are...and whether or not you mind climbing a ladder to harvest. (Fine for a few plants at home...not so good if you have thousands of plants :)

The height at which you would "branch off" the two strongest laterals has more to do with the physical constraints of your greenhouse (or whatever) structure, and convenience (not having to climb ladders/use stilts/purchase ACME Pogo Boots) than it does any physical limitations of the plant.

A while back I run 8 cukes in 4 IBC growbeds 2-1/2 feet vertically, then 10-12 feet along a chord at a slight incline (maybe 10-15 degrees or so) up to a horizontal wire (that I could still somewhat easily reach). And "split" them there. It was nice because underneath that 10-12 foot run (on the ground, alongside the IBC GB's) was a DWC trough with chard and lettuce and other typically non-summer loving plants, so the cukes provided wonderful shading and cooling for them. This was just one more 'modified umbrella' technique. You can usually do these things to suit your particular growing space and/or needs.

How are u guys pollinating the cukes in the GH?

Thanks! I don't usually get it on my cucumbers, but that could just be because the spider mites get to 'em first XD I do however, always get powdery mildew on tomatoes....I'm hoping some good fungal compost tea will prevent that in the future.

Randall Wimbish said:

Alex. I have grown them in pots before and used the rod iron patio furniture trellis system.  If you get powdery mildew like I got, Actinovate seemed to help pretty quickly.

I'm not. Pretty sure mine are self pollinating,.... I've never had a problem getting fruits to set.

Jim Fisk said:

How are u guys pollinating the cukes in the GH?

This is my first attempt at 'cukes but I have them growing straight up a plastic lattice trellis.  You sometime have to help the tendrils find the lattice, but it works.  It finally bumped into the roof of my shadecloth tent. I have powdery mildew and caterpillars, but it doesn't seem to affect the plant from producing fruit and the fish love the caterpillars! 

My cucumbers are looking pretty good so far....I'll post a picture when I get the chance.

Like Alex, I've been growing self pollinating (parthenocarpic), all female flowers(gynoecious) varieties. Those would be the key words to look for in a seed catalog 

They are also tastier (IMO) and more productive than the classic 'slicers'.

Jim Fisk said:

How are u guys pollinating the cukes in the GH?

Fabulous, thanks Alex and Vlad. I will do just that.

Dehydrating cucumbers for use in home formulated fish and poultry feed is an option.

Ooh, I just had an idea. Blend your cucumbers, freeze them into ice cubes and use them to make cucumber water. Cucumber water is so refreshing; I might just have try that......

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