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Vegetables that don't work well together in the same system? Aquaponics in cold climates?

Does anybody know where can I find information about vegetables that grow well together? Or I can just try to plant anything?

Beisides, has anybody tried to grow rice? I was reading this interesting article about rice-fish farming in Bangladesh..

Moreover, what people do in cold climates to keep their aquaponics alive during winter? I am located in Germany..!



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Hello Valentina, while I have never tried rice in aquaponics I think there could be problems with shocking.  This is when the stalks of the plant get too tall and long to support the seed heads.  I have read somewhere this occurs when nutrient levels are too high.   Perhaps if you really want rice you can play with stocking levels to get the required nutrient load to allow the rice to grow at the right pace without getting too tall too fast. Rice and fish have been grown together for a very long time in the East in open fields, the trick would be getting the balance right in AP.



Well you can look up companion planting to get an idea about what types of plants compliment each other and usually they will also tell which plants should not be put close together (like onions should not be planted with peas.)


But for the most part, Just look at seasonally appropriate plants.  Don't go planting broccoli at the start of a long hot summer season and don't plant the heat loving crops in the fall or too early in the spring.


Most people in cold climates will use greenhouses or indoor systems through the snowy season.  Some people will shut down late in the fall and start it back up after the snow goes away.

Dear Richard and TCLynx, thank you for your reply. I m sorry for responding late, I 've been busy with other things lately and the planting is kind of postponed for next week. I decided mint and tomatoes for start that seem to grow well together. I made some cuttlings and expecting for the roots to grow a bit more. If you want to see more about my project, please feel free to follow my research's blog:

beware mint, it can be a bit aggressive and take over the world.  Basil should go well with tomatoes though.

Hi there. I am located south of Munich! Servus aus Bayern! I am British and investigating how to do aquaponics. I think where I live is even colder than you! I am in Holzkirchen near the Alps.

Well I'm fairly certain that my climate is warmer, I'm not sure who you were commenting to Jeremy.

There are people managing to do aquaponics in cold climates though, it usually involves at least part of the year indoors or in a greenhouse of sorts though.

Sorry crossed wires! I was replying to Valentina in Berlin!

Our winter temps go down to -20!


I m trying to find a space to host the aquaponics indoors for the winter months. What's your plan for winter Jeremy?

Hiya, I am only just beginning down here. I am going to improvise with what i have at first then think moare later. i don't fully understand the syphoning systems as yet so I need time.
Oh, I have also just started. I just managed to get the siphon system to work and still have to fix some tubes and wait for my cuttlings to be ready for planting. Be carefull to use the right diameter of pipes in order to get your siphon work. I had too big ones for my small growbed and only when I replaced them with smaller ones it worked.

Valentina - are you referring to the Barrelponics Travis Hughey printout PDF? For this is what I read in detail last night.

As for companion planting, I practice polycultures in my own garden as per this system:

I am referring to this, constructions of automatic bell siphons for backyard aquaponics systems. Have a look, it's pretty helpfull.

Btw, I have finished the system and I am ready to start cycling. Do you have any idea where can I find amonia in Germany and what is the Seasol or Maxidrop called in Europe?


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